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Visa Applications and Appointments

We will be happy to assist you with your VISA Applications and VISA Appointments. Whether you are a student heading to university, a national longing to visit the US, Canada or Europe the VISA application process can be overwhelming. It is a detailed process – Let our experience be your guide! We pride ourselves in our high accuracy level, reliability and superior customer service.


Ready to visit and explore any of the 52 states within the United States but need a VISA! Let Travel & Leisure Centre help. We offer a complete one stop package.We will assist you with and submit your US VISA application, we’ll book your appointment, we’ll book your flight and arrange transfers to and from the embassy. Its that easy!

European/ Schengen VISA

Ready for that Eurpoean Tour or to simply visit some of the most amazing sites in the world but need a VISA! Let Travel & Leisure Centre help. A European VISA is required to visit 26 out of 27 European Union Countries… the United Kingdom does not require a VISA for entry.

Student VISA

Going to University is a big investment in your future. Congratulations you’ve made that leap! Let Travel & Leisure Centre take the hassle away from the Student VISA application process. Come visit us Today!